Five Years, Five Networks

My name is Stephan Kemper. Today, I lead ViaSat’s Cloud Engineering team, called VICE. VICE is responsible for helping groups all over ViaSat learn what it means to develop for the cloud, as well as supporting and protecting the cloud networks that ViaSat operates. There are at least a dozen groups using public cloud platforms today, with more being added to the list all the time. By far, the majority of this all takes place on the excellent Amazon Web Services platform, though we also use Microsoft Azure and OpenStack to some extent. To kick this blog off, I wanted to tell the story about how ViaSat got here, and the things we learned along the way.   (more)

Welcome to the ViaSat Tech Blog

ViaSat’s mission is to connect the world, and for over 30 years we’ve been doing just that. From providing residential broadband internet over satellite, managed enterprise Wi-Fi services, and the world’s best in-flight internet connectivity to consumers to providing trusted, secure, and reliable secure networking and communications solutions to government customers, ViaSat does amazing things every day that have a very real and positive impact for people all over the world.

ViaSat-3 constellation. Artistic rendering.
ViaSat-3 constellation rendering. ViaSat is on track to be the world’s first truly global ISP, and accomplishing this goal will take some truly amazing feats of engineering.