Gray Hair Treatment and Causes of Gray Hair

Aging is unavoidable and it affects everyone. One of the symptoms of aging is the onset of gray hair. There may be some cases where the gray comes on earlier than expected, known as premature graying, which is usually hereditary.
There doesn’t seem to be any real solution for preventing gray hair except to camouflage it with dyes.

Onset of Graying
As is the course of nature, one begins to notice some telltale sign of aging when gray strands start to sprout on our head. This may happen around 35 years of age or later as more and more grays come on. This is widely acceptable when the head turns totally gray after 55 years, but different individuals experience it at different ages.

Nature’s Course
The most obvious reason for gray hairs is that you are getting older. It is the course of nature to differentiate the young and the old. It is one of the physical changes that one experiences in the aging process.

Another reason for gray hairs is the genes. It’s your genetic makeup. Those who have it will experience the onset of gray hairs early in their lives; some as young as in the early twenties when it is understood that the hair follicles have stopped producing the required pigments for black hair and silvery strands come out instead. This hereditary condition has been difficult to rectify although there are some possible methods one can try.

Stress factor
Excessive stress can also cause gray hairs to surface, although its cause is not exactly known. It does seem to infer that stress causes the scalp cells to overreact before dying off and producing a discoloration of the hair from black to gray.

Nutritional Diet
If your diet lacks healthy doses of vitamin B, premature graying can be triggered as it is this vitamin that is responsible for a healthy black hair pigment.

Other graying factors
Other causes of graying include chemical reaction, illness or thyroid imbalance.

Though there may not seem to be many ways to overcome hereditary graying, some companies do claim credit with their products. It would be recommended to confirm that the products offered are FDI-approved before purchase and use. Adopt a diet full of vitamin B, even curry leaves, which will strengthen your hair cells pigments.

There are a variety of home and natural ingredient remedies, such as homemade dyes, which one can consider.

Commercialized dyes are also available, but do check the chemical content to avoid harsh treatments on your scalp cells and hair follicles.


How to Clean Your Makeup Brushes the *Right* Way

Cleaning makeup brushes is one of those laundry list annoyances—kind of like dry cleaning, AKA hand washing—that rarely seems necessary. “You can just NOT clean makeup brushes, right??” says the lazy girl in me.

Welllllll, not really, according to the professional beauty artists who create fresh makeup canvases for stars every day. Dirt and oil from the skin combined with powder accumulate in the brushes we use frequently, and without regular sudsing action, they can cause skin irritation and breakouts.

Dallas-based makeup artist Joanna Hathcock, for one, recommends a regular rinse every two weeks, if not weekly. If you have extra-sensitive skin, of course, that process may need to happen every few days.

But how do you actually, uh, do that? After all—as any novice learns the hard way—it’s not just a matter of running your brushes under the sink and calling it a day. Every makeup pro has their own specialized way of doing things, so here we unpack some of the most efficient ways to get the job done without ruining the brush itself.

Beauty vlogger Desi Perkins provides two step-by-step methods below of cleaning brushes, from the most basic (dish soap/bar soap and olive oil) to a more specialized way of removing dirt.

We lazy girls simply working with what we have in the kitchen can settle for Method One:

1. Perkins works with a regular dish soap and olive oil, mixing mostly dish soap and a small amount of olive oil in a bowl. As she explains, the dish soap works to disinfect while the olive oil conditions.

2. She dips her dirty brushes into the mixture, head down, and swirls them around on the textured mat. Note that instead of working the brushes against her hand, the textured mat (that she sourced from a Dollar Store!) creates more friction while breaking up the dirt and powder.

3. To finish, she rinses the brush to remove all remaining soap and residue. As a substitute for the dish soap, she also recommends using bar soap, a favorite of makeup artists like Mario Dedivanovic and Lottie to remove dirt and condition brushes.

For Method Two, Perkins goes ahead and reaches for a cleanser specifically designed to nourish and clean brushes.

FWIW, makeup artist Gucci Westman recommends  brush cleanser for every day use and shampoos for deep cleaning brushes.

1. To begin, she starts out in the sink this time, dampening her brush by holding it with the bristles downward (to avoid the moisture breaking up the glue in the brush head). The less moisture by the handle, the less likely your brush will fall apart on you 👍.

2.  Then, she uses a brush shampoo and conditioner from Blvd. Cosmetics, dipping the brush head into the jar and swirling it around. This time, she works her brushes against the multi-textured surface of a Sigma Beauty Cleaning Mat, which has a variety of dense striations designed to clean different brushes, from a fat foundation brush to a little lip liner brush.

3. To remove all of the cleanser and dirt out of the brush, she rinses the brushes thoroughly under water and disinfects the handles with some rubbing alcohol. Anyone who’s tried to clean their keyboard *knows* this is because the alcohol evaporates rather than saturating with moisture.

4. Optional: For spot treatments between cleans, Perkins suggests that people use liquid cleaners. She squeezes a few drops of the formula onto a paper towel, swirling the heads of her brushes into the paper towel to break up the pigments.

For drying, Perkins uses an upside down method, as seen below. Except instead of buying a specialized drying rack she straps her brushes to a cutting board secured with elastic bands. People swear by the way drying upside down retains shape, pulls moisture from the bristles, and avoids bacteria growing in wet brushes.

On the other hand, many famous beauty pros just lay their brushes out on a regular old paper towel, so…your move.


The Lazy-Girl Way to Make Your Lips Look Bigger

These days, it feels like everyone’s aiming for fuller lips, from Tinseltown starlets jumping on the lip-filler bandwagon to models who may or may not cosmetically enhance their pout. But as a normie without the budget (or the stomach, really) for needles and lip fillers, there are so many natural alternatives for amping up your born-with-it features. Sometimes it just requires rethinking the basics you’ve already stocked in your toiletry bag: from foundation to your toothbrush (yes, really). Below, we asked makeup artist and beauty blogger Hillary Kline for her expert recommendations on creating fuller, more defined lips without much effort or expertise required. Lazy girls, this one goes out to you.

1 Start With a Balm


As a gentle base before starting with any other products, Kline recommends reaching for your favorite lip balm for added hydration, especially in the winter. “Let the balm sit on the lips for about five minutes before moving onto the next step,” she says.

Editor’s Tip: If fillers and chemical plumpers aren’t your aim, seek out balms that boast mint as one of the active ingredients. A natural pout-enhancer and skin soother, this herb revs up blood flow too.

2 Fight Off Flakes



The Best Contour Palettes for Every Skin Tone

Contouring: When it’s good, it’s cheekbones-that-could-cut-glass great. When it’s not? Well, we know what that looks like. Second to blend, blend, and blend some more, the other critical ingredient to a great sculpt is choosing the right shade for your skin tone. If it’s too dark, you’ll look ridiculous. If it’s too light, it’s wasted effort. Here, find out how to choose the best sculpting palette for your complexion.

1 Fair Skin


Since fair skin makes all of the undertones in a color cosmetic more perceptible, opt for a cream contour verses a powder so you can blend it out more into the foundation. “Neutral is key since anything too orange will read as really orange, so a contour that has grayish tones will be more believable and undetectable,” says makeup artist Fiona Stiles.

2 Medium Skin

According to Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John, a taupe blush will be your best bet for natural-looking contour. “I blend it under the cheekbones, on the temples and eyelids, and underneath the jawline to create a sense of depth,” he says.

3 Olive Skin

For warm, deeper skin tones, Sir John uses contour shades with gray undertones to increase the depth of the contour. “A cool matte recedes for that sculpted, hallowed effect,” he says.

4 Dark Skin

For darker skin tones, go two shades darker than your foundation, but be sure to strobe with a warm highlighter to really make the sculpt pop. “Brush the highlight on the planes of the face where light would hit naturally—above the cheekbones, under the brow bone, down the bridge of the nose, and on the cupid’s bow,” says makeup artist Renee Sanganoo.


Because You Need to Know Once and for All—These Are the Best Retinol Routines for Every Age

Any skincare expert will tell you, anti-aging and retinol are inextricably linked. So why is the potent anti-wrinkle ingredient still so mystifying? Some women wax on about how it’s the best thing that ever happened to them, others complain it makes them red and dry.

Because it’s never too early (or too late!) to stave off the signs of aging, we looked to the experts to decode retinol—or is it retinoids?— in the simplest of terms.

The Benefits of Retinol

Retinol, which is another name for Vitamin A, is a powerful ingredient for addressing a number of skin concerns. “It can help to fight acne, stimulate collagen production, and has anti-inflammatory properties,” says Dr. Michele J. Farber of Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City.

The Difference Between Retinol and Retinoids

“Retinols and retinoids are both vitamin A derivatives,” explains Dr. Farber. “They have both been formulated to be applied to your skin in topical form, but retinoids are stronger than retinols. While over-the-counter retinol creams do have many of the same benefits, they often work more slowly.”

In Your 20s:

“Starting a healthy skincare regimen when you’re young will help you to age gracefully and keep your skin in the best shape possible,” says Dr. Farber. “Women should start off using retinol creams during their twenties as this is the time when sun damage starts to become apparent.”

However, you want to be wary of not using anything that’s too strong. “To avoid acne flares, a light formulation, not a heavy cream is the way to go,” says dermatologist Dr. Patricia Wexler.

If redness or irritation occurs, re-evaluate the concentration, frequency, and formulation. SPF is always necessary when using a retinol.

“Your goal would be using retinol to get smoother, more evenly pigmented skin, with less post inflammatory pigmentation,” says Wexler. “It’s also to reverse both visible and invisible photo damage, as well as prevent future signs of damage like wrinkles, lines, spots, loss of tone, elasticity and more.”

In Your 30s and 40s:

“To increase one’s regimen, it’s helpful to start with retinoid creams if tolerated in the 30s,” explains Farber. “You can at lower strengths with retinols and work your way up to help your skin adjust. As your tolerance builds, discuss with your dermatologist whether a prescription strength retinol is appropriate.”

Dr. Francesca Fusco, MD at Wexler Dermatology, recommends starting with an over the counter retinol, like Patricia Wexler MD Intensive Deep Wrinkle Treatment, applied in the evening on the face and neck. And don’t forget—the eyes have it too. “Use a retinol-based eye cream to treat and prevent crows feet,” instructs Dr. Fusco.

In Your 50s+:

“Continuing to use retinoids is key for anti-aging,” says Dr. Farber. “But you may need to use these products fewer nights per week because as you age, the skin does not produce the same amount of natural moisturizing factors. Retinoids can be more drying if overused.”

And depending on the photo damage, retinol can be used in tandem with other actives in your regimen, like peptides, vitamin E, and antioxidants. “Niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin may be added in the presence of dry skin, which is common in this age group,” says Dr. Wexler.

She also recommends using retinol near the eyes with a formula specific to that area as the skin is extremely thin and sensitive.


10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Huge in 2017

From the 2016-bred makeup trends still going strong (get it, glitter lips) to cutting-edge treatments, study up on the beauty trends bound to leave their mark on the new year.

1 XXL Long Hair

From the Kardashians’ ultra-long, pin-straight lengths to Beyoncé’s magical waist-grazing braided ponytail, it’s going to be all long-hair-don’t-care in 2017. For more inspo, look no further than celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton who has helped pioneer the look on his clients like Kim, Jennifer Lopez, and Ariana Grande.

2 Glitter Lips

Last year, Pat McGrath introduced the fashion industry and the masses alike to glitter-dusted lips—and the look will still be fresh as hell in 2017. As conceptual of a lewk as it is, all you need to do is swipe on gloss over your lip color and pat on glitter with your ring finger. Plus, it’s a lot more wearable than you think.


Choosing a Hairstyle As Per Your Face

A new haircut requires examining quite a few things, before you change over to it. You have to consider the shape and size of the face, your head, type of hair, weight and height and above all, your lifestyle. Are you wondering, for a mere new haircut, do we require all these? Well… you will not regret it, if you consider all these.

Consider the Shape and Size of your face and head.

For a square face, you should soften the features by adopting soft layers beginning from just below the jaw-line. Sleek and long hairstyles suit square faces as well.

If you have a round face, begin the layers at the cheeks, and adopt sweeping, long bangs to accentuate less the roundness of the face. When you combine the layers and the long bangs, your face will appear a little longer.

All kinds of hairstyles will go well with a perfect oval face. This type of face welcomes long sweeping bangs as well as medium haircuts.

For a heart-shaped face, medium length haircut, which begins just below the jaw line, is the best. Bangs fringing towards facial ends can balance the narrower bottom of the face.

Weight & Height
Longer hair usually makes you look thinner, while shorter haircuts make you appear heavy. Again, longer the hair the shorter you will appear, and shorter the hair, you will appear tall. When you are short and thin, a shorter hairdo will do. For robust, tall people, longer hair will be better. As an experiment, you can try some wigs or use pins or clips, to see how different haircuts will appear on you.

For busy, fast- paced people, a wash-and-wear haircut would suit. If you are leisurely, you can adopt haircuts, which may take time to styling.

Frizzy or wavy hair may not take in sleek and smooth haircuts. But then again, nowadays, salons do wonders on your hair. If your hair looks frizzy, you can ask the salon to give you a bob, like Victoria Beckham. Finally, all hair-cuts reflect your personality, and as such you have to choose the one that suits what you want to be in your life.

So as we have seen different hair style suits the different face shape and sizes. You should choose your hair style, keeping in mind the shape and size of your face. This will ensure that your hair style will suit you and complement your face shape.


7 Skin Care Rules You Must Swear By In 2017

If you think those celebrities are just blessed with flawless and fabulous-looking skin, think again. In this post, we have compiled a list of 7 most effective skin care tips that will help you get perfect skin in 2017.

Follow these 7 skin care tips for flawless skin

  1. Give your skin some time to absorb one product before you layer another

If you are using multiple skin care products simultaneously, you must know how to apply them right to leverage maximum benefit for your skin. Don’t apply all skin care products one after one without any time gap. It is important to provide your skin a considerable amount of time to absorb first product before you apply next.

  1. Keep your makeup brushes clean ALWAYS

How often do you clean your makeup brushes? If you are using them regularly, it is important to clean them once in each week. If you continue using the same brush for months and months without cleaning them, they can be a home to bacteria and use them can give you skin problems like acne. The residue on those brushes will make your makeup application less effective resulting it poor finish. Keep your makeup brushes clean!

  1. Take vitamin rich diet

If you are determined to have healthy and naturally glowing skin, focus on what you should eat and what you shouldn’t. Consume vitamin-rich food in your diet. You can also take essential vitamin supplements after consulting your physician. Say goodbye to unhealthy junk food in 2017!

  1. Apply moisturizer after bath

When you take a hot water bath, the skin loses some natural oils from within. This is why it is important to apply moisturizing lotion right after a shower when your skin is slightly moist. It is a good idea to keep your moisturizer in a bathroom so you don’t skip on using it post shower.

  1. Learn the importance of skin exfoliation

Many of us underestimate the importance of regular skin exfoliation. It’s an essential part of your skin care routine. It helps remove the dead skin cells so your skin looks young and glowing. The presence of dead skin makes your skin look dull and older. Use a good skin exfoliator scrub for 2 times a week for beautiful skin all 365 days a year.

  1. Choose your skin care products carefully

If the skin care products you use contain misfit ingredients or harsh chemicals, it can do more harm than good to your skin. There are numerous skin care products available off-the-shelf. But not all can deliver quality results for your skin. Read the ingredients carefully instead of picking any random product based on the brand name, advertisement or packaging. Find out your skin type and know what types of products are recommended for your skin type. Look for more natural products that are gentle on your skin. Spare a good amount of time to do your research before you purchase your beauty products. You can check ingredients, read reviews and take an informed decision.

  1. Say NO to stress in 2017!

Be it your hair, skin or overall physical health, stress is the biggest threat for their wellness. Taking too much stress can give your more acne, dark under-eye circles, and dull-looking skin. Practice yoga and meditation to kick out stress in this New Year. Have not you heard that happier people are the healthier? It goes true for your skin too.What’s more? Drink plenty of water to keep your skin well-hydrated and take good night sleep every day! Follow this skin care routine and soon you are flaunting radiant skin!


How to Get Creativity for Nail Art Design

Really, motivation is accessible all over however you ought to have the eyes to comprehend it. You can take your motivation from nature, human, different specialists, even, from the print of your bed room’s wall. Along these lines, all is dependent upon you that how you see the world. The significant thing is extremely autistic eyes that can help you the most for your work of art. Still, there have many sources, from where you can take your thought and make another plan.

Art for Remarkable Occasions:

One additionally outstanding thought is selecting nail art is to match it to a unique or regular event. There have different routes in which this should be possible. For example, in Halloween, a young lady may wish to choose scarier nail craftsmanship, for example, skulls, bats, pumpkins or some other plans. On you birthday, it is an incredible thought to have adorable cupcakes, candles, even you can draw the age of yours on your nail bed. This is an entertaining and also a happy approach to make the event essential. You can utilize distinctive sorts of nail unit to brighten your nails at the season of any event like dip powder starter kit; French manicure kit, or acrylic nail pack.

How to Choose a Nail Art Provider:

In the event that you don’t have involvement about how to draw a lovely workmanship on your nail bed then you need to take some extraordinary approaches to make your nail remarkable. You ought to take assistance from a specialist to make your nails alluring and well as lovely. In the wake of selecting the ideal nail outline for your nail, the following determination is, begin a voyage to a nail master. Be that as it may, it, not a basic errand to choose a craftsman, but rather you ought to hold the trust. Keep in mind that selecting a terrible supplier may obliterate your nails and also your event t is imperative to set aside the opportunity to consider a couple of things about a nail artist before consenting to have them design your work. It might likewise be fitting to apply nail workmanship oneself or have a companion or family member do it.

Delightful nail designs regularly an astonishing universe of potential outcomes for imagination as well as individuality. Nail designs may appear like a little part of a general picture, however the subtle elements can have the effect between a normal and incredible appearance. Setting aside the opportunity to discover fun and charming nail art is well justified, despite all the trouble and is certain to make a girl emerge from her companions in the most ideal way possible.



Wedding Makeup? Trust Only A Professional And Know How To Find One

There is absolutely no uncertainty in the actual fact that the humans are really possessive about just how they could look. The people may be female or male ensures each and every opportunity of looking good no matter what. That is absolutely why people can be ensured of the extremely fact they can complete with the best results only with proper makeup.

The wedding is definitely a situation that calls for proper makeup and that too in the most extravagant way. This is one particular time when people are simply gaga over the fact that they are going to look the most beautiful.

This can though happen only with the very help of the best available beautifying agent. Yes, it is extremely true that a good Wedding Makeup Artist is extremely necessary when it comes to the makeup in a wedding house.

Why trust a professional?

Wedding as already mentioned is definitely one of the major occasions and this is exactly why one simply wouldn’t love anything that might just ruin it. This is possibly the exact reasons why people can expect the best Wedding Makeup Artist to be the only choice during a wedding.

These people are well experience and more than that, they are extremely aware of the fact that if anything goes wrong then how they can make it right. Also these people are well knowledgeable about the makeup like they have studied about it and thus this knowledge as well works.

Know how to find the best:

Following are the various points that people can opt for if they look forward to getting through with a good makeup artist:

  • The very first point that people should necessarily remember is the very fact that the wedding is definitely something that they shouldn’t take risk with and this is exactly why the beauticians should be booked prior to at least 4 months of the wedding. There are high chances that they may get booked otherwise.
  • The very next point to remember is that the wedding beautician should only be hired if they are specialised in wedding makeup. This ensures that they do understand that which person exactly need what type of makeup in the very first place.
  • Checking with the experience of the beautifying agent is definitely a thing that people should do. Experiences speak a lot and this is exactly why the people should be aware of the fact that what the experience of the makeup artist is in the first place.
  • Reputation of the beautician matters the most. This is something that should be concentrated on thus. People should be aware of their past success cases always.

Knowing all these points will help a person in recruiting the best Wedding Makeup Artist for themselves.