Amazing Lemon Remedies For Good Health

According to news here, as well as accounts reported at other health and lifestyle outlets, research has identified a number of surprising benefits for health deriving from lemons. That yellow citric fruit with the stinging bitter taste we mostly add to tea for flavoring has a wide variety of uses to be put towards disease resistance and health maintenance. Increasingly, the natural remedies of folk medicine from ancient times are being rediscovered for the benefit of people in today’s high-pressure world.

Chemically, lemon juice resembles certain key digestive juices and acids. Its action within the body stimulates the liver into increased production of bile which speeds up digestive processes and other enzyme effects. Detoxification of the cells and organs is also stimulated by drinking lemon water in conjunction with green tea, eating more fiber, and increased exercise.

Beyond this, lemons are very useful to controlling sinus infections and asthmatic conditions. The reduction of inflammation in the lungs brought about by limonene massively relieves the associated respiratory difficulties of asthma and severe chest colds. Even inhaling the scent of lemons can produce positive effects where asthma and chest congestion are concerned. Lemon juice with warm water can also help control acidosis in the blood by adjusting the pH balance toward the alkaline end of the scale.

Lemon juice helps fight infections. Its antibacterial properties make lemon juice a powerful agent in successfully combating conditions such as urinary tract infections as the juices pass through the bladder and out through the urethra. Gum disease and other oral infections are also treatable through a lemon juice mouthwash. The acids and other chemical components kill bacteria and help dissolve plaque on the teeth and gums. Improved oral health not only means better breath, but the control of infections which could eventually result in heart disease and blood disorders negatively impacting upon the overall condition of the body.

Indirectly, lemon juice can improve food safety. It is recommended that fruits and vegetables be washed prior to cooking or consumption due to remaining traces of pesticides on the outer surfaces. As an additional safeguard, however, a double-wash using a mixture of lemon juice, water and baking soda guarantees a complete cleansing of food surfaces of pesticide and other biological contaminants. These precautions are especially helpful to ensure the purity of non-organically grown fruits and vegetables through the elimination of external toxins before they can be ingested.