Ascent Family Dental Can Offer You a Bright White Smile

Staining occurs over a period of years and can become more pronounced as a person ages. The microscopic pores that open up in the teeth can allow for increased staining which can turn the teeth yellowish and even brown in color. Although some types of staining can become permanent, most stains can be removed with teeth whitening treatments. These treatments can dramatically whiten the teeth up to nine or ten shades. Even with a couple of shades of whitening, a person can see big changes in the way their smile looks.

When a patient comes in for teeth whitening, they can expect to first have their teeth cleaned. The cleaning process is vital for ensuring the teeth whitener will be able to be absorbed deep into the enamel and dentin. If the teeth are not clean, this will lead to issues with lackluster results. Once the teeth have been prepared, the patient will wear a special mouth device that separates the cheeks and lips from the teeth area. This ensures they will not be affected by the strong whitening ingredient.

A gum dam will be applied to the gum tissue because it is extremely sensitive and the ingredients in the whitener can often cause irritation. This is why it is crucial a person does not attempt to whiten their teeth at home because they cannot protect their sensitive tissues or control the strength of the whitener like the dentist can.

Teeth whitening solutions have a primary ingredient which is hydrogen peroxide. While this is the same type of peroxide found in medicine cabinets, the dentist offers a much stronger version that has the ability to whiten the teeth many shades whiter. The results one will achieve will depend on their age, level of staining, and type of staining. Some will need more than one treatment to get the results they want.

If you are tired of looking at your lackluster smile in the mirror, there is now hope. With teeth whitening, you can say goodbye to your tooth stains. Contact Ascent Family Dental and schedule your appointment right away so you can get started on uncovering the beauty of your smile.