They Are Now the Roofing Company I Use

I was not sure if I needed to have a roof replaced or just repaired at one of the buildings that I own in Brooklyn. I like to take a hands on approach with all of my properties, but that was outside of my expertise. The company I had been using for roof work drastically raised their prices, and I just did not feel comfortable hiring them when I didn’t agree with their price structure. That meant I had to find a new company that does roof replacement in Brooklyn NY or even roof repairs if warranted.

I have an extensive network of business colleagues and associates, so I put word out that I was looking for a new roofing contractor. Several of them all recommended Brooklyn Roofing to me, so I went to their website to see what they offer. I was impressed with everything that I saw, and I contacted them to come out and give me an estimate on the type of work that needs done as well as a price quote. They were able to work in the estimate and quote around my schedule because I wanted to be present when they did their inspection, and I really appreciated that because I know they are just as busy as I am.

I wish they could have said a repair would suffice, but I knew just from an amateurish look at it that it would require something much more, like a total replacement. They went over different options with me since they could replace it with a number of different styles of roofs. I was happy with each estimate, and then they told me what they would recommend, which was not the most expensive option. I really appreciated that honesty too, and that is why they are now the roofing company I call whenever I need help in that area.