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How to Take Care Of Your Lawn During Summer. The difficulty in taking care of laws increases during summer because of the adverse effects of high temperatures on turf. The high temperatures can make your lawn to start losing it beauty because of drying of grass. Therefore, to maintain the beauty of your gardens you need to invest more in it regarding time and energy. You should give your lawn more attention and use more advanced techniques while you are taking care of it. There are many techniques that you can employ to maintain the beauty of your garden during summer. Therefore, the article discusses some of the methods of caring for your lawn during summer. Summer is always associated with low humidity in the atmosphere and therefore you lawn will lack enough water. The soil also get dry because of evaporation leading to zero uptakes of water by roots. The absence of water causes drying of the turf, and hence you begin manual watering. The evaporation of moisture results in low water levels and that means it will not be reached by shallow roots. Hence, you should practice appropriate watering so that the turf can develop deep roots. Deep roots will ensure that they will still be able to access water as the level on the ground drops. It is not advisable to apply fertilizers on your lawn during summer. The lawn should be best health status before summer, and that means fertilizers should be applied in the preceding season. Fertilizers applied during summer are likely not to be absorbed by the turf since they will not be quickly dissolved in the soil. Hence, the summer should find the lawn in the best health condition.
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Low moisture content in the ground is what causes damage to the grass. There are two methods in which you can remedy the situation; watering correctly and retaining moisture. Deep roots can be achieved through appropriate watering while retaining moisture can be accomplished by reducing the rate of evaporation. The best way to reduce the water loss is by increasing your lawn mowing height. It will, therefore, increase the length of the leaves which will prevent water loss by shading the ground from direct heat. The moisture can also be retained through the process of mulching.
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Incorrect application of the pest and weed control treatment during summer can also damage the lawns. The pesticides should only be applied if needed and with the help of professionals. If you have to do it alone, then you should ensure that it is done before summer especially during spring through spraying.